TV-Filming outside the Mill- ennium Stadium

Whilst passing the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff there seemed to be a lot of lorries and equipment all parked up near the South entrance to the stadium. There was a large crane, some Lee Lighting trucks, a Panalux truck and some other vehicles aswell.
I’m sure in previous Dr Who and Torchwood location shoots I have seen Lee Lighting and Panalux trucks at the site and wondered whether this was an elaborate scene for one of these BBC hit sci-fi dramas?
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium
Located on the other side of Cardiff Central Station were some bright pink signs directing crew via St Mary Street then to the Wood Street location. The initials on these signs were BH – can anyone guess what they stand for this time? Im sure some of the previous Dr Who signs were yellow with the initials DB on them!
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium

The shoot consisted of quite an elaborate set-up where the big green crane was suspending some black device (with a pink bucket on top!) which then was operated and moved along via an intricate pulley system.

It must’ve been carrying quite some weight or expecting a lot more weight (maybe an actor) to slide down this really high wire to the bottom; where some large concrete blocks were stabalising the whole wire and pulley system.
One of the security guards claimed it was for a ‘sliding shot’ of just the camera floating down but i suspect they are told to play some of the shoots down as to not attract a crowd – especially as this was in quite an exposed area where they couldnt really hide! If anyone does actually know what it was for – get in touch! Let us all know what is now being filmed in our great City!
Film shoot by Millennium Stadium


3 Responses to “TV-Filming outside the Mill- ennium Stadium”

  1. its being human on the bbc

  2. and if you see yellow loc and base signs they are for casualty on the bbc aswell

  3. Well it transpired that it was for some Channel 4 coverage of the paralympics!!!

    Maybe Being Human were filming inside the Millennium Stadium!

    There’s just sooooo much filming going on around the City atm – Casualty, Being Human and Dr Who are everywhere!

    Thanks for the comments!


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