VIDEO – Police at Barry Island

A youth is marched over by a policeman on Barry Island promenade in South Wales – it’s not apparent what the situation is building up to this – but watch what happens next!

17 Responses to “VIDEO – Police at Barry Island”

  1. Sickening behaviour, they treat people like dirt, disgusted to see this.

  2. The lad could have easily broen a leg or a hip. Had his head hit the concrete pavement he could have been killed. Absolutely no reason for this unprovoked assault. Only one set of thugs here, and they were wearing the unforms!

    • Wasn’t unprovoked the video doesn’t show you the lad being pissed up and abusing people in a family area and being asked to move on twice before being arrested. Wasn’t a stop and search at all just made to look that way by the scum of society who hate the police because they don’t allow them to do what they like. Chav got what he deserved.

  3. Whilst watching this video – two things struck me!

    Firstly the kick from the police officer was totally out of order and the silence from his colleagues on the matter backed this up.

    But secondly I was amazed by initially how little swearing there was from the locals.

    The video doesnt show the true extent of what happened before and afterwards but even if these youths had been doing what the above poster says it still doesnt warrant this kick from the policeman!

  4. they should make an arrest with force if needed but but do it saftly there was no thaught from the officer about wat was going to happen didnt even try to restrain him just thaught it would b cool an look hard well guess wat busted hope u get suspended an sacked jumped up ****

  5. Totally agree with you Leigh. This was completed unwarranted behaviour by the police. Butality like this deserves only condemnation. Yes, the lad was more than likely being a drunk arshole but the police showed zero respect… And deserve none in return for this act.

  6. Brutality? The officer only kicked his legs, and rightly so! as the hoard of topless tramps approached he put the guy to the ground quickly to secure him. I really don’t get some people, some idiot is walking around drunk abusing families being disrespectful but deserves to be treated with respect? He will probably end up with an ASBO I’m sure that will really sort him out!

  7. i hate welsh people sound so stupid

    • You hate Welsh people because of the accent which makes some Welsh people sound stupid? Haha, that’s ironic. Your comment doesn’t exactly show the intelligence of human-kind.

  8. Fed-up-of-pissed-kids-who-never-do-anything. Reply July 21, 2013 at 16:33

    I’m on the side of the police. These pissed up yobbos never do anything, do they? Life is so unfair and everyone picks on them. Boo hoo. Good kick up the arse is what most of them need. Then they give it all the mouth which just exacerbates the situation. Time to grow up, boys.

  9. lol the fu**ing idiot cried and said he was guilty in court got £800 fine . If he was innocent ,why say it was his fault when police did have to give any account . doesnt show the little P*ick kicking off … funny not of that on the video???????

  10. Does anyone know the lads name, the video is going viral and it would be good to check facts against the official records

  11. I was there and although the way he was taken down was a bit over the top, what you didn’t see is the lad throw a half full beer can at a passing car with a woman and young children in the back

  12. Copey, saying you hate Welsh people because they sound stupid, yet you have used no punctuation in your retarded fact-less statement! Idiot.

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