FOOTBALL-Bristol fans in Cardiff

Cardiff City hosted Championship rivals Bristol City at home in the latest Severnside derby with over 2000 supporters making the trip across the Bristol Channel.

Arriving via train to Cardiff Central and making a bee-line for The Wetherspoons pub on the corner of Penarth Road and St Mary Street. According to reports on social media there was a large police presence outside the pub along with fans allegelly causing problems inside by trashing furniture, setting Welsh flags alight and even setting off a flare! Half way down is a video featuring the flare being set off inside the pub.

The Bristol City supporters were then marched down Penarth Road and Sloper Road to the Cardiff City Stadium where Championship leaders Cardiff beat Bristol City 2-1 boosting their promotion hopes.

South Wales Police later confirmed that three arrests were made on the day.

via Holly Jones

Seems like This Is Bristol are now reporting this occurence at:-

9 Responses to “FOOTBALL-Bristol fans in Cardiff”

  1. Typical of the sort of behaviour you get from the ‘sheet head’ scum from south of the River Avon. A few years ago Bristol Rovers played a League Cup game in Cardiff – no trouble at all. Some of us even had a pint with Cardiff City fans in the Ivor Davies after the game.
    No all Bristol fans are scumbags – just Bristol CITY fans!

  2. Thanks for commenting.

    As always when trouble breaks out around football it is ALWAYS from a small minority! Yep nothing from memory about the last Rovers games here.

    Generally things have improved here in Cardiff over the last 20 years but usually if things do occur now it’s usually fans fighting against the police or counteracting the heavy-handedness of the police. (I’m not blaming the police here but think their tactics and methods still need refining!)


  3. im sure the swindon town families(woman and children included)would have an opinion of how wonderful scumrovers fans are when they were ALL beaten to a pulp in the pub at the top of gloucester rd 2 years ago. Also rotherham fans in the wellington and it goes on and on and on. Its all on you tube so no point in denying your scummy fans. We all have them, so climg off your high horse and worry about your clubs shoddy reputation.

  4. What a pathetic small minded little twerp you really are. Every fan of every club knows they have supporters that cause trouble. Your little club are one of the worse around. I have several friends that are rovers fans who go home and away(unlike you obviously as you have no idea of how your lot behave) and always come back with storries of fighting, coin throwing, pub and train trashing. Papers and police hardly ever report this because they want to think it does not happen anymore but its all there on you tube etc. Bristolgas you are exactly what is wrong with football. What a complete tool you are

  5. Lee get you facts right! 500 fans??? we took the full 2080 allocation we were given and that’s a fact. Plus you can clearly see in some of the pictures here that there are far more than 500.

    • Thanks BCFC for clearing that up. Looking at the photos I just couldn’t decide on how many fans were brought for this game! (and couldnt find it online anywhere!)

      That’s a decent amount for away support – hope you enjoyed the Kairdiff hospitality!

      I’m really surprised that these small incidents haven’t been reporter in the media at all.


      • No Problem. Yep 2k is a decent number, we would have taken more if given enough seats though, but after yesterdays events we will be lucky to ever get 2k allocated to us again.

        If we were the likes of Man U etc then the media would be all over it but because were only Bristol City it gets ignored.

    • Bristol Rovers fans would never behave like that. We have had a few isolated incidents that is all. The six fingered inbred scum from Trashton behave like this every away game.

  6. There are good and bad at every football club. It would be progress if fans from opposing clubs were able to mix. Canton is a good pub scene and away fans who come in peace should be left alone to enjoy it.
    Its disappointing seeing Brizzolians behaving like this – I always thought they had a bit more class about them = life goes on -the football journey never ends

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