Tom Daley’s verdict on New Years Eve in Cardiff

Olympic diver Tom Daley was a guest at Tiger Tiger’s New Year’s Eve party along with some other celebrities and DJs including Aled Haydn Jones , Hugo from Made in Chelsea and Sophie Anderton. (all the big stars come to Cardiff you know!) o_0

But things didn’t seem to goto plan when Tom criticised Cardiff’s nightlife on Twitter saying that it was a let down. This is how it played out on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Credit: Tom Daley Instagram
Early on in the evening Tom had taken a photo of himself all dressed up to go out and have it large in Cardiff and posted it on Instagram.

Early on he tweeted to Aled Haydn Jones to “have fun DJing” in the nightclub and it looked like everyone was having fun.

On one photo Tom posed with some earphones on his head so he may have even jumped on himself to spin a few tunes!

A full set of photos taken throughout the night at Tiger Tiger show everyone having a great New Year’s Eve party over at the Tiger Tiger Facebook page.
Then at 01:45am on New Years Day Tom tweeted to say,
“Cardiff…what a let down for new year.” And then exclaimed that
“everything shuts at 1!”

It’s not entirely sure why Tom left Tiger Tiger but staff tweeted him to say they were open til 4am as were many establishments throughout the City.

This then begs the questions who was Tom with (local Cardiff people or an entourage?) and where did they try to take him?
Most of the pubs probably did close about 1am but all the nightclubs were open much later and i’m sure he’d have no problem getting into any of them!
Tom then criticised the capital, saying that he’s
definitely not going to go to Cardiff for new year again” adding that,
people say it’s a good night out…I can’t assure you it isn’t.
Whereas another of the ‘celebs’ tweeted to say how much they enjoyed the Cardiff experience!

Then began the reaction from everyone else on Twitter to Tom’s criticism of a night out in Cardiff:-

Just after 12:00 midday on New Year’s Day Tom removed his comments about Cardiff from his Twitter feed and instead wished everyone a Happy New Year! RESULT!?

PS the biggest question I have to ask about this whole episode is why do these nightclubs pay large amounts of money for these so-called celebrities to appear at their venues? Does it really attract anyone that wasn’t already going there in the first place?

Happy New Year everyone!

3 Responses to “Tom Daley’s verdict on New Years Eve in Cardiff”

  1. I think that’s why Tom Daley deleted his tweets, he was reminded that he was paid to be at Tiger Tiger. I could be wrong of course, but I’m a little surprised that such A listers as those people mentioned above would otherwise be spending NYE in Cardiff.
    Bit odd that Tom seems to think everything shuts at 1, but really I can’t imagine that a night with a Chris Moyles sidekick ‘DJing’ is much fun.
    The fuss surrounding the so called issue is daft, the kid has an opinion there’s no need for people to attack him for it.
    To be honest I don’t think there was much in town for NYE though, which is really a reflection on how little vibrancy there has been with clubs in Cardiff for a few years now. Apart from a few notable, independent exceptions it’s all cheese or worse never wasis like Radio 1’s Aled playing cheese from their i phones.

    • I think rather than the public ‘attacking’ Tom and his comments – I felt that they were defending Cardiff instead.
      We all know what a great City it is and that it does open after 1am on a weekend and New Years Eve.

      Tom has over 2 million followers so comments of this nature would be seen by many and be quite influential amongst the type of followers that he has.

      If Tiger Tiger HAD booked Tom surely it would be quite a coup to have an Olympian in the house and they wouldve made more of it on promotional posters, Facebook and Twitter.

      As this wasn’t the case and that he left before 1am it seems to me that he was just in Cardiff for a night out. I could be putting two and two together and coming to my own conclusion – but it does seem weird if that is not the case!

      Im surprised he wasnt taken up Chippy Alley afterwards! That stays open til God know whenever with loads of clubs and bars open into the early morning up Mill Lane aswell.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. I used to live in Toms own pathetic excuse of a city Plymouth and would choose Cardiff over that place anytime , mind you i would choose most other cities as oppose to Plymouth. Cardiff on new years eve as it does every new years eve had live music, an open air ice rink and a large funfair along with the pubs and clubs , Plymouth had a few pubs and clubs most of them too rough and run down to visit anyway .

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