QUESTION-Vicious sticker outside Cardiff Arms Park

Just spotted this horrendous sticker at one of the entrances to the Cardiff Arms Park rugby stadium on Westgate Street.
I was initially drawn to the Cardiff Blues sign to see if any further details were on display concerning the amount of Cardiff Blues games now to be held at the site. But instead I found this quite offensive sticker!
Viscous sticker outside Cardiff Arms park
It appears to illustrate a dark shadow/silhoutte attempting to cut someone’s throat! Is that supposed to be an activist in the hat complete with megaphone in his hand? Does anyone recognise this sticker or the artist involved?
Is this sticker a bit of harmless fun or connected to the recent terror arrests in Cardiff and across the UK? Or is this related to some sort of football or rugby holiganism?

Either way things like this should not be adorning public places in our amazing city!
Hopefully by posting here the word will get spread about and the offending item removed before many more people decend on our City for the next Six Nations game! If you have any theories on this sticker please let us all know! Thanks.
Viscous sticker outside Cardiff Arms park


6 Responses to “QUESTION-Vicious sticker outside Cardiff Arms Park”

  1. The badge on the cap looks as if it’s suggesting some kind of link to the Cardiff Blues. It’s a bit odd, I’m intrigued as to what it’s meant to mean but not sure that I’m as offended by it as you.

  2. I think maybe I was initially SHOCKED to come across this sticker in a predominent place. Then analysing it a bit more brought out the other feelings!

    But definately INTRIGUED about it! Hopefully someone can shed some light on it!

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. I appreciate your concern but why give it wider attention? Remove it, get over the embarrassment that a fellow human created it, move on.

  4. DJ Leekee be very careful about following Jimi’s advice, if the sticker’s meant to be there you could be done for criminal damage.
    C’mon Jim he just wants to know what’s with this sticker, which is why he’s given it wider attention and explained his initial reaction.

  5. Hi Jimi, I did consider NOT republishing this image but then thought why shouldn’t I be bringing this image to other people’s attention? Why should this be swept under the carpet?

    Also (if you have seen the rest of the website) I do take a lot of photos of Cardiff-based graffiti and stickers and thought this added to the (rich) tapestry of works that adorn our walls.

    So yes – I’m still after an explantion of which segment of society are behind this image!
    I have now done a quick Google Image search with it and it’s only coming up with results involving Germany and Football!


  6. I’m not sure what that’s about, but it does look a bit threatening towards activists from Cardiff. Someone has suggested that this was done by lembo, but I very very much doubt it. It’s definately not the kind of thing she/he would create, considering that the work generally consists of cats and seemingly anarcho-syndicalist political work.

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