VIDEO-Newport Bouncer by The GLC

Every now and then a tv programme comes along and really strikes a chord with the viewing public, it could be a person (Joey Deacon), an accident, (Michael Lush), a death (Tommy Cooper) or just a memorable drama (shower scene in Dallas) They really stand out and become such a talking point that they become well-known and sometimes too well-known for the wrong reasons!

In this instance it was a Channel 4 documentary following around a small group of bouncers around the South Wales city of Newport titled as ‘BOUNCERS’. Or as it featured in the tv guides:-

Newport – the gateway to Wales. Celebrated in the cult YouTube hit Newport State of Mind, the birthplace of Goldie Lookin’ Chain and home to LRS Security, who look after many of the city centre’s bars and clubs.

This funny, irreverent and often surprising film follows the boys of Newport’s biggest security firm over a summer of booze, brawls and brotherhood.

The boys give a rare insight into what it’s like being a bouncer in one of the most distinctive cities in Britain.

You can view a short promotional version of the documentary here :-

There wasn’t much promotion for this one hour documentary but as soon as it began broadcasting it set the social media world alight with Twitter and Facebook feeds completely saturated with the disbelief at this programme and of course some of the more unbelievable comments being made on screen.
My favourites being:-

“I’m doing alright now, I don’t have to shop at George at Asda, I can afford to spend £20 on a pair of trousers.”

“I can sell shit to the arabs!”


“I’ve only ever had one girl turn me down.”

“It’s a fucking club, not a gym ya tit!”

“It’s to do with the interbreeding, the gene pool is fucked”

So it was time to scoff and laugh at Newport and the drunken masses making a total arse of themselves and the City. So much so that the newspapers the following day felt compelled to comment on the programme.

This from The Guardian:-
“Last week it was possible to watch drunk and abusive people in Newport in Bouncers. A Newport doorman recalled the time he had kicked his way into a male lavatory to find a woman in mid-bowel movement simultaneously performing a sex act on her boyfriend or, at least, the man she happened to be sharing the cubicle with. I’m not sure that I needed to hear that anecdote. Still, I feel critically obliged to share it, not because that’s what passes for entertainment in the pubs and clubs of Great Britain, but because that’s what passes for entertainment on British TV.”

And The Daily Mirror‘s view:-
“Judging by Bouncers, I doubt even Argentina would take Newport. You wouldn’t want to live in Newport or visit it. It’s debatable whether you really wanted to watch it on TV. There seemed to be a bylaw that decreed a night out in Newport must end with drunken louts in shorts fighting and ­flabbily slapping each other like walruses.
“You can calm the situation down by using basic psychological techniques,” explained one nightclub doorman whose diet consisted almost entirely of doughnuts. He recalled an incident in which he discovered a woman committing a sex act not just in the gents toilets but while using one of them. “That’s a proper Newport girl!” he mused with a hint of pride with the despair.”

But it seems after all the (positive) limelight that was shone on Newport whilst hosting the Ryder Cup in 2011 has this documentary totally eliminated all of this hard work in one fail swoop???
Since transmission of this documentary the security company featured has reportedly been removed from many of the Cities doors.
The following is a statement from someone who owns one of the establishments that they were working at:-

“At no time now, in the past, or the future, do the disgraceful comments of the bouncers reflect or represent me, my businesses or my wonderful staff. I’d like to sincerely apologise with deepest heart felt sincerity, if anyone felt offended by the ridiculous behaviour most of us witnessed. Can I reassure people that these are NOT my bouncers; they are a tiny minority giving a skewed representation of the industry as a whole. Rest assured, I have SACKED the company that supplied them, and they will not be working on my doors again! I will NOT have comments like that about the amazing people that come to my venues, simply to have a good night out. Sure, Newport has its problems, but what city doesn’t? On the whole, it’s the friendliest city around, with some of the loveliest, most down to Earth people I’ve ever met in my life. The new door staff that I will be employing, will be personally trained by ME, so that you get the decency and respect you’ve come to expect from my venues. Sure, Channel 4 went for the sensationalist slant, but when it comes to bad
mouthing my customers, there’s no room for excuses. They’ve gone. Sacked. Finito. Time to move onwards and upwards. Thank you”

And it wouldn’t be right for Newport-based mock-rap band GLC not to put their own slant on things. Here they have come up with their own ‘Bouncer Rap’ complete with those fantastic one-liners from the programme! You knows it!

The original programme may still be watchable via this link!

2 Responses to “VIDEO-Newport Bouncer by The GLC”

  1. I decided not to watch it after reading people’s tweets about it!

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