GRAFITTI-New blob grafitti characters!

I got myself a brand new Fuji FinePix HD20 EXP today and as it was so sunny it was time to take a wander and see how good this 16MP camera really was! As per usual I never read the instruction manual and prefer just to find out with trial and error….anyway another post coming real soon about my thoughts on the camera with some more sample shots.
Fake Blob creature grafitti?

Graf charactersCardiff Graffiti Characters by Spade

First up a return to a blog favourite and a return of the ‘blob’ characters as previously made famous by local grafitti artist ‘Spades’. I have featured his work many times during the past year from hoardings alongside the construction of St Davids 2 shopping centre, La Fosse restaurant sign and Womanby Street to name a few locations. Most have now vanished and it’s all been a bit quite on the blob front for ages…..until day!!!! hoorah!
Fake Blob creature grafitti?

Lurking on top of Lowther Road bridge in Cathays were five new blobs in illuminous green and pink! Obviously it was a hard location to paint them so they were a little jerky but a bright and colourful addition to the area. I can’t make my mind up if they are actually by Spades or not – or whether someone else has just copied them! Can anyone shed any light on this?
Fake Blob creature grafitti?
Spades Blob creature
Moving on past Northcote Lane and there were two more recent blobs on a garage shutter. Blue and simple – pure oldskool (were these here previously?)
Spades Blob creatureSpades Blob creature
This time one much more prominent on City Road at the side of the old bingo hall which used to be called The Gaiety. Must’ve taken some effort to get this one up without being spotted.
Fake Blob creature grafitti?Fake Blob creature grafitti?
Spades Blob creature
At this point (if there was a trail) I’d lost it and couldn’t work out where there might’ve been some more! If you’ve spotted some please drop me a line or reply to the post!
It was time to head back into town and on the way discovered another one that has survived for a while now at Hermer and Flacke solicitors. Was also great to spot two blob stickers around the City aswell!
Grafitti Blob stickerSpades Blob creature sticker


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