Cardiff ‘Survival’ – Vintage advertisements around Canton

The Guardian Cardiff website runs a Flickr photography group where a subject is chosen and people are free to submit photos to satisfy the brief. It’s all for a bit of fun and following on from other groups like ‘Thing A Week’

One of the themes chosen for the latest installment of the ‘Project Document’ is ‘Survival.’ The only other brief is that the photos have to be taken in or around Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

There are many interpretations of the theme ‘Survival’ and I wanted to reflect the survival of some old advertisements around Canton.

First up is an old painted advertisement on the side of a house in Kings Road, Canton (ok Pontcanton if you really want to be more specific) for “C E Watts Boot Repairing” I have walked past this old advert for many years but have never really paid much attention to it or photographed it.
The shop was established in 1898 but the advert doesn’t give any further indication of when it was produced. There is an amazing pointing hand logo aswell indicating where the front of the shop originally was located. The flaking paint and textures lead to some interesting photos and I wonder how much longer this will survive in it’s current state?
Watts Boots Repair sign in Canton
Watts Boots Repair sign in CantonWatts Boots Repair sign in Canton
Watts Boots Repair sign in Canton
Watts Boots Repair sign in Canton
On Delta Street, opposite Tesco Metro in Canton, there is a poster that has survived a good 20 years-possibly from Hyper Value or Colorama? The words ‘Spectacular Value’ can easily be read whereas the rest of the text is a bit more cryptic! Can anyone remember what the advert was for?
Spectacular Value sign in Canton
And lastly a little gem that was unearthed nearer Victoria Park, just off Cowbridge Road East. For as long as I can remember a huge advertising hoarding graced this gable end but recently it has either been removed or was damaged in the bad weather. Either way it has revealed some advertising posters from many a year back.
Prior to the advertising boards that were erected on walls like this – the previous practise was just to paste these posters directly onto the brick face! So week after week many layers would become apparent! Here we can see portions of various adverts but more remnants of a local ale advert for ‘Webbs Welsh Ales’ There use to be loads of local breweries in this area including Welsh Brewers and Ely Ales but im not too familiar with the Webbs Welsh Ales brand – does anyone know anything else about it?
Webbs Welsh Ales sign in Canton
Webbs Welsh Ales sign in CantonWebbs Welsh Ales sign in Canton
So this is my first contribution to the ‘Survival’ Project Document. A few things that a lot of us probably pass each day but dont particularly take much notice of. It’s amazing that they have survived as long as they have and hope that they survive for much longer.
PS Does anyone know of any other locations of old advertising hoardings that feature vintage stuff?
Webbs Welsh Ales sign unearthed in Canton

One Response to “Cardiff ‘Survival’ – Vintage advertisements around Canton”

  1. Andrea Morris Reply May 9, 2012 at 16:07

    Very interesting article, I have a keen interest in Cardiff Yesterday pictures and stories. I was most interested in the C E Watts sign as my grandfather was born in 1898 and did shoe repairs as a sideline after the first world war. Any further information on this company would be of interest.

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