Latest Favourite Android Apps (November 2010)

A few months have moved on since the last update of my favourite apps for the Android operating system. So here is a run down of my current favs that I use on my HTC Desire mobile phone. (Of course they should work on all Android mobile phones and tablets!)

Click here to downloadTwidroyd (FREE) Twitter has grown from just a 140 text string to a media rich way of cummunicating with photos, videos and links. This app used to be called Twitroid (or Twidroid!) but has now been renamed Twidroyd (for some reason) and has recently had a massive makeover. The latest addition to this version is the LIVE PREVIEW which means you can view all links, photos and videos with the built-in viewer IE you dont have to click the links and open up another app to view whatever you are clicking. This new version also allows portait and landscape viewing options aswell. This is the best, most flexible and intuitive Android Twitter client on the market.
Click here to download
Angry Birds (FREE) Our iPhone fanboys have been raving about this game for what seems like ages now but after a short beta-period its now available on Android and best of all its FREE! (Yep we dont have to pay like those Apple bods!) Ok every now and then there is a small advert in the corner but this doesnt detract from the game at all.
So for the unitiated what is Angry Birds? Well its a game of skill trying to unearth the nasty pigs who have stolen all their eggs! Yep it all sounds totally childish and this is reflected in the style of cartoony graphics, music and sound effects.
SO essentially you have to catapult your chickens and chicks into the air to unearth these pigs and hit then and the surrounding environment to unearth them. It all sounds pretty easy but some levels can become quite infuriating.
Its one of those games where you just have to keep having one more go! Well recommended!
Layar (FREE) An interesting little app this! Essentially it is a take on Augemented Reality on the Android operating system. Essentially what this app does is allows you to view your surroundings via the onboard camera and move it around your environment to interact with it and discover/locate things! For instance, I was trying to find a Post Box near me to post a letter in – switch on the ‘Post Box layer’ and spin the camera around to see where the nearest one is. Or if you are feeling a bit peckish and need to know where a local takeaway is – switch on the ‘Takeaway Layer’ Essentially it is a massive database with GPS locations of items which you can view relevant to you. It comes into it’s own when you start using the social media layers consisting of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. A little bit scary for some people to see other Tweeters located around you but a really invaluable tool!
Click here to downloadMeebo (Free) This is an instant messenger app that allows you to chat with MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and even Facebook contacts all within one window. Much more easier than multiple accounts open in loads of different apps! So easy to use. You have the choice whether to individually log onto separate accounts or all together with just one click! No need to reenter usernames or passwords – ever!
Xiia Lite Media Player This application allows you to surf and stream most online radio stations. So forget using separate apps like Winamp, Quicktime, Windows Media etc whereas this will play them all. Xiia Lite supports aac+,aac,m3u,pls,mp3,mp4,mp4a and mpeg audio formats. A lot of websites have small radio feeds or music player links but using the built in browser means the links dont actually open up anywhere! But once you click a streaming link in any web browser Xiia Lite instantly asks you whether you want to save and open in Xiia and when youve done that once you can always instantly open up in Xiia then! Seemples.
Vignette There are many photo manipulation apps about and a lot of them are great for specific effects. Where Vignette comes into its own is that it offers a range of effects which can be applied and give really professional results. Effects range from tilt shift, vignetting, diorama, colour casts, lens effects, blurring, single colour separation to name a few. Well worth trying the free version first which only allows photos of a max res of 0.5MP – paid version allows full res.
Click here to downloadBonzai Blast There are loads of games around like this but none as enjoyable as this version.
Here you have to shoot the coloured balls to match the other colours and then they pop once you get three or more of the same colour together.
Ok it does sound a bit simple but the game is well designed and executed with controls that are very responsive on the HTC Desire.
One to give to the kids to keep them entertained on that car journey or one to sneak into the toilet and play – yes surely we all take our phones to the toilet now?

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