CARDIFF- Foggy weather

Waking up early on St David’s Day to look out of the kitchen window and think ‘there’s a lot of condensation on the window’ so I wiped the window clear only to discover there was no condensation but infact on closer inspection it was some really bad fog outside!

A quick walk into the City Centre via the River Taff and passing by the Millennium Stadium revealed that this fog was some of the worst I could remember for ages.

The normally amazing view from Canton bridge of the Millennium Stadium was eerily empty and unimpressive!
Foggy Millennium Stadium on St David's Day
Foggy Millennium Stadium on St David's Day
Foggy Millennium Stadium on St David's Day
Some seagulls were messing about on the river whilst traffic continued to whizz by but it appeared as if someone had removed our National Stadium from the city.

Only when getting nearer and almost next to the stadium that it began to appear but looking up at the massive supporting structure and the pointed frame still disappeared into the air.

Foggy Millennium Stadium on St David's Day

The fog and moisture in the air helped illustrate the hundreds of cobwebs that adorned the walkway along the length of the River Taff. Just for the record these pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII and I think they have done a half decent job!
Foggy Millennium Stadium on St David's Day
Cardiff in the fog
Moving further on towards Tudor Road bridge (has it got any better name than that?) and the normal view of a busy bridge with road traffic on the road and trains moving over the railway bridge were non-existent.

For some reason looking up towards Cardiff Bay it brought back some childhood memories of being in the City Centre early in the morning when it always seemed to be foggy but what stuck in my mind was the thick smell eminating from the Brains Brewery just beyond this view.

On most visits to the City Centre you could always smell the ‘aroma’ from the breweries but it seemed so much more pungent in the bad weather!

The whole set of photos can be viewed below or by pressing play on the slideshow:-

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